Course curriculum

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    1. Lecture 1 - Make Realistic Asphalt

    2. Lecture 2 - Create Bricks Material

    3. Lecture 3 - Make Realistic Rust

    4. Lecture 4 - Add Realistic Ocean Shader

    1. Lecture 1 - Learn How to Build a Realistic City in Blender

    1. Lecture 1 - Set the Lighting - Finalize our Bridge Scene

    2. Lecture 2 - Lets Add an HDRI Map

    3. Lecture 3 - Camera Depth of Field

    4. Lecture 4 - Lighting & Compositing - Achieve the Final Render

    1. Lecture 1 - The 4 Conditions to an Excellent Car Rig

    2. Lecture 2 - Generate Rig for the Mercedes Car Model

    1. Lecture 1 - Animate Car Suspension for Maximum Realism

    2. Lecture 2 - Apply Car Suspension on Rough Roads

    3. Lecture 3 - Avoid Obstacle Car Animation

    4. Lecture 4 - Acceleration Start Burnout

    5. Lecture 5 - Make Regular Traffic Circulation

About this course

  • $9.99
  • 60 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content
  • Last updated 8/2023

What You Will Learn

This is what You will Learn:

⦁    Learn Environment Optimization for Game Design

⦁    Bake Textures the Right Way for Game Design

⦁    Learn to Import Assets from Blender to Unity

⦁    Add Car Controller: Drive Your Own Car in Unity

⦁    Build & Play Your Game on your Own Android Mobile Phone

⦁    Release your Game on PC Platform

Build Game Environment in Blender & Export it into Unity

Export Your Environment into Unity

Achieve Ultra Photorealistic Lighting in Blender

Learn the Building blocks keys for achieving a realistic lighting in Blender

Become a Modeling Pro: Build Awesome Bridge Environment in Blender

  • Learn Realistic Scale Matching of Real References

  • Advanced Modeling Tips & Tricks

Create Your Own Realistic City in Blender

Awesome trick to help you add realistic details and populate the scene. It's a great method to make your animation looks legit and engaging

Learn Fluid Simulation: Add Smoke & Fire

Add Nitro Speed Boost to your Exhausts

Learn Texture Painting: Add Flame Decals to Your Vehicle

Texture Painting: Customize Your Car Paint & Add Flames Decals

Make a Realistic Car Pursuit Animation in Blender: Animate Cinematic Hollywood Animations

Master Vehicle Rigging in Blender

  • Drifting

  • Realistic Brake & Suspension

  • Burnout Start

  • Normal Vehicles Traffic

  • Passing other Vehicles

What you'll learn

  • Masterful 3D Modeling: Craft an F15 Jet from scratch—cockpit, wings, missiles—learning precise Blender modeling techniques.

  • Simulations & Effects: Master fire, smoke, and procedural effects for jet engine flames and stunning tail smoke simulations.

  • Dynamic Animations: Create captivating sequences—rolls, missile fires, sky ascents—bringing the F15 Jet to life in Blender.

  • Cinematic Lighting & Compositing: Elevate scenes with HDRI maps, learn composition tricks for stunning renders in Blender.

Your Humble Instructor

3D Photorealistic Artist Abdelilah Hamdani

We all have something valuable to Teach. Abdelilah Hamdani is a 3D Designer and a Developer. I firmly believe that Photorealism is gonna be one of the most valuable skills in the near future. There is alot of opportunities for CGI artists: VFX, Gaming, Movies & Series. More than 6 years in the 3D Industry and i humbly admit i've got alot more to learn.

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